Saturday, April 16, 2005


This was posted at one of the many Live Journals that are dedicated to the TV series 'Lost':

'Desperate Housewives' had a scene where the red-head's son (sorry, I don't watch the show, I just happened to turn it on at the right second) was watching tv.

It just happened to be the Pilot of 'LOST' (the scene where Kate is running in the jungle from the "monster").

I'll have to catch this in repeats, I guess. This could be all splained away depending on what exactly was shown in the clip.

If it turns out that we never see the face of actress Evangeline (::sigh::) Lilly, then we might assume it could be any chased-by-a-monster movie scene, or even a modern-day version of "The Most Dangerous Game" scenario of being "hunted" in the jungle by a big game hunter.

But if we do see that it's most definitely Evangeline Lilly and that this is specifically a scene from 'Lost', well......... Dude, why can't we claim the same cop-out? So long as we don't get further coincidental details that would "locke" it into being 'Lost'- like an appearance by her co-stars Dominick Monaghan and Matthew Fox or a shot of the Oceanic plane's cockpit, - and so long as Bree and her son don't mention the name of the show, then why can't it be just a scene from a movie that amazingly mirrored the events we know occurred in the show 'Lost'?

It's not like the folks back home know what happened. For all we know, they must think that everybody on board Flight 815 perished in the Pacific.


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