Monday, March 14, 2005


In the great fan forum for this 'Columbo' fansite - - a regular poster by the screen name of Headache2112 had this to say about the new DVD release of the Lieutenant's second season:

Subject: UFO in TMCG

Name: Headache2112

Date Posted: Mar 10, 05 - 4:05 PM


Get out those new Columbo Season 2 DVDs and check this out!Something which can be seen quite clearly that I've not seen before on my old VHS copies. It happens in the episode, "The Most Crucial Game". Columbo and the private investigator, Ralph Dobbs are standing on the pier at the oceanside hot dog stand. The ocean is behind them. Ralph is on the left of the screen, Columbo is on the right. As the two talk, way out in the distance, up in the sky, a UFO SUDDENLY APPEARS!I
ain't kidding! Right smack in the middle of the frame, up at the top of the picture. One moment, there's nothing there. The next, a silver UFO appears and slowly moves to the right of the screen, over Columbo's head. As it moves it suddenly grows much brighter and then VANISHES!

The UFO doesn't "enter" the frame from the left, or "exit" the frame to the right. It suddenly appears in the middle of the frame, moves to the right of the frame, but completely and utterly disappears before getting all the way to the right.

The crisp and clear pictures of these new DVDs has brought forth a most CHILLING and possibly HORRIFIC extraterrestrial siting unknown up to now! Where are Mulder and Scully when they're most needed!
I like that last bit; Headache2112 is a Toobworlder at heart!

Others in the group have backed up the claim, and some of them have pointed out that you don't even need the DVD's clarity to see it. Videotapes recorded from broadcast also show the UFO.

So is it a case worthy of an X-File investigation by Arthur Dales, Mulder's predecessor in the department?

As it happened back in the early seventies, THEN at the very least Dales' lookalike, Carl Kolchak should have been checking it out for a newspaper story!!!!!


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