Thursday, March 17, 2005


Zonks should be self-explanatory by now, but I realize not everybody who stumbles across this site are familiar with it at all.

Zonks are scenes, statements, actual TV clips from other shows which poke holes in the integrity of the TV Universe by referring to other TV shows as being TV shows, rather than as part of the same world.

Every time a TV character makes mention of something that once happened on 'Star Trek', I want to set my phaser on "kill"! The entire 'Star Trek' franchise should be about four hundred years into the future time-line of that other show.

So anyway, that's a Zonk - when one show mentions another show as a TV show when in fact they should be sharing the same dimension.

In my opinion, the shows most cited in Zonks would be 'Star Trek', 'The Twilight Zone', and 'Gilligan's Island'. And it's from that last example we get our latest, best example for this week's Zonk:

"Do you ever watch 'Gilligan's Island' reruns and really really believe they're going to get off the island THIS time?"
- Dr. Eric Foreman


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