Saturday, March 12, 2005


There was a moment in the premiere of 'Blind Justice' that must have left plenty of viewers questioning their own sight.

During a tense stand-off between Detective Jim Dunbar and his wife in their kitchen, Rena Sofer was wearing a shirt whose logo on the front had been fuzzed out. She looked like somebody had taken some kind of cosmic White-Out and tried to smudge her away.

It turns out that the Powers That Be at ABC weren't too pleased with the slogan on her shirt. Apparently, it's a popular shirt up in Canada, which uses a take-off on a company's advertising slogan to put one over on the more prudish in our society. But it looks like that most prudent of groups, Standards & Practices, did not let it slip their notice.

The slogan was "It's Sofa King Cool!" Now, it could very well be that in Toobworld there is a company - or a company "mascot" - named "Sofa King". After all, on 'Friends', Janice was married to the "Mattress King". And 'Batman' and Robin met the "Carpet King" while on one of their bat-climbs up the side of a building.

The trouble is, when said quickly, the slogan "It's Sofa King Cool!" becomes a big no-no, even by Bochcovian standards. The ABC Blue Pencils must have figured this to be another wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

And in this day and age when the networks have to worry about heavy fines from the mis-managed FCC, they must have decided, "Why take chances?"

It all just shows to go ya - the TV Universe may be a separate entity, but it is still dependent upon the Real World for its existence. And the Real World is constantly meddling in its affairs - creating characters, re-writing scenarios.... cosmic meddling on a scale that could make a Toobworld Caretaker throw up his hands in defeat while trying to reconcile the inconsistencies.

But have no fear, I would never throw up my hands in defeat like that.

That would only send the remote control flying and "They" will have to do better than that to pry it loose from my grip!


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