Saturday, March 12, 2005


[with a little 'Law & Order' for good measure!]

It never fails, the action in a TV show builds to a climax and suddenly - bam! Time for a commercial break.

Sometimes the story picks up immediately where it left off; other times there has been a passage of time.

Life in the TV Universe doesn't stop during the ads for dog food or new and improved laundry detergents. We just don't get to see the original story's continuation while we contemplate how to go for the gusto.

So who's to say that while our attentions are diverted elsewhere, might not a TV crossover be taking place in the show we were watching?

A good case in point happened this past Tuesday during the premiere of 'Blind Justice'. Blind police detective Jim Dunbar and his partner Detective Bettancourt were checking out a stolen vehicle report for a car which was quickly recovered. As they looked over the abandoned car, Dunbar's sense of smell, heightened by the loss of his sight, was able to detect the smell of gunpowder. And because of that, a request was made for a crime scene unit to show up and run tests.

At that point, the show switched over to a string of blipverts.

When we got back to the show, it was already in progress. Bettancourt and Dunbar were back at the 8th precinct and awaiting results from the crime scene unit.

So we never got to see who made up that team. So why can't we just assume it to be Detectives Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera, who are usually to be found on another network in 'CSI: NY'?

Exactly - there's nothing to prevent us from doing so. And therefore we have an unofficial crossover between both series.

And for all we know, it'll be Tracy Kibre of 'Law & Order: Trial By Jury' who'll be prosecuting the guy they eventually caught!!!!


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