Monday, September 25, 2017


Currently I have a visiting nurse service coming by once a week.  (Nothing to worry about now, but still....)  And the topic of the hand sanitizer Purell came up.  I mentioned that Purell has become like Xerox and Kleenex - trade-marked brand names which are becoming generic through constant use.  

Out of curiosity, I checked the IMDb to see how often the product Purell was mentioned in dialogue from Earth Prime-Time.

I don't know if these were the only examples; there may be more that were never submitted.

'Modern Family'
Planes, Trains and Cars (2012)

[Cameron tosses Bunny to Mitchell; it sails past him and lands in the train just as the train doors close]
Mitchell Pritchett:
No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! No!
Lily Tucker-Pritchett:
Cameron Tucker:
How did you miss that, Mitchell?
Mitchell Pritchett: 
Mr. Conductor! I-I... what? I was Purelling! 
And it's me; why would you toss it?

'The Big Bang Theory' 
The Launch Acceleration (2012)

[Sheldon Cooper runs outside]
Uh, where is he going?
Leonard Hofstadter: 
He keeps emergency Purell in the car.

Accounting for Lawyers (2010)

Annie Edison:
Fourth floor, room 470. First, he said it was 69.
I wanna rub Purell on my brain.

'2 Broke Girls'
And the Kosher Cupcakes (2012)

Max Black:
You realized I replaced that Purell with K-Y, right?
Caroline Channing:
Max, please say you're kidding.
Max Black:
Of course I'm kidding. I can't afford lube. I just use my tears.
Caroline Channing:
Max seriously, don't mess with my hand sanitizer. 
I've already caught poverty this year and I refuse to catch the flu.


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