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Every so often, I become intrigued by an actor who provided plenty of "atmosphere people" in Toobworld.  Atmosphere people are those characters you see in the background, crossing streets, entering buildings, sitting in restaurants or courtrooms, in angry mobs - actors who help set the scene.

On chance, I like to see if I can connect as many as I can for the same actor, in order to create one character to connect all of those TV series together.  What usually gets me started on such a quest is if the description for one of the characters carries over to another show for the same actor.  This is how Frank Jarvis got into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame a few years ago.

This past Friday, my local PBS station showed an old episode of 'Midsomer Murders' - "The Ghosts Of Christmas Past".  And because the actor who played Mr. Moseley on 'Downton Abbey' played a small but key role in the proceedings, I decided to check out the entire cast at the IMDb.

And one character description did jump out at me:

Of course I take great interest in the drunk girl characters.  Especially at Christmas.  They always seem more... charitable to the needy, shall we say?

So I looked at Ms. Verner's list of credits....

As listed in order for the Toobworld timeline:

- Episode #1.1 (1999)
- Episode #1.2 (1999) 
The main school in an economically depressed area, Hope Park Comprehensive has been on the verge of closing for years. Things begin to look up when the weary headmaster Neil Bruce is replaced by dynamic young Ian George. Ian immediately wins over the head of the board of governors, Dennis Hill and new teacher Debbie Bryan. But can he win the confidence of deputy head Phil Jakes, deal with the incompetent geography teacher Jan Woolley and prevent Hope Park from closing?

Tracy Gallacher
- Redemption (2001)
Sun Hill deal with an overdosed kid, whilst Clarke's feeling downhearted after being refused a police loan.

Angry passenger on plane
- Episode #1.13 (2003)
1] Drama series following the cabin crew of "Fresh!", an airline that runs from Stansted.

2] Marco's final day with Fresh! arrives, so Jason and Will resolve to send him off with a bang. Will wrestles with love.

Drunk Girl
- Ghosts of Christmas Past (2004)
Nine years after Ferdy Villers killed himself, his family reunites for Christmas, unaware that someone is out for revenge.

So after graduation, Tracy Gallacher got involved in some way with drugs, had a bad eperience while flying with Fresh! Airline, and partied with DS Daniel Scott on Christmas Eve in 2004.  Being a glorified walk-on in essence, it's all neat and tidy in combining these characters into one person.

One very attractive person.  It appears Zoe Verner is a model as well as an actress.

She worked for a time on a soccer-themed sketch show, but that would be Zoe Verner's televersion in Skitlandia.  And there is a movie called "Elevator Gods" in production.  But that would situated in the Cineverse and have no effect on her Toobworld work.

So here's to Tracy Gallacher, a candidate for future inclusion in the TVXOHOF.


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