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I've previously posted that Mayberry town barber Floyd Lawson had an identical brother named Mitchell Lawson living not far away from Mayberry in Pitchfield Flats, North Carolina. 

But it looks like there was a third look-alike and he was a barber just like Floyd. However, he didn't live in North Carolina. This barber was living in Mayfield and although the state was never specified, there is a theory that it could be found in Wisconsin. 

From Sitcoms Online:
03-11-2000, 12:43 AM
Originally posted by Karnage:
I know the town that leave it to beaver was from is Mayfield. However I was wondering what state this show was supposed to have taken place in?

wisconsin. there are several clues. Madison and Monroe are often mentioned; the W on the pennant in the boys bedroom; crystal falls is in the Michigan penninsula; there is a suburb of milwaukee called mayfield.

I can buy into that. 

It could be that Old Man Lawson, AKA Floyd Sr. and the father of Floyd and Mitchell, might have been a "rambling man", somebody who traveled the country around the turn of the century and may have succumbed to the temptations of the flesh when it came to the women he encountered. 

Perhaps Floyd Lawson Sr. was a tonsorial supplies salesman back then, before returning to Mayberry to settle down as the town barber and raise his twin sons. 

Meanwhile his illegitimate son, whom he sired in 1905, grew up in Mayfield on the stories about the father he never knew as told by his mother. If so, it could be that the lad was influenced to become a barber himself. 

It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble....

By the way, the name of that Mayfield barber?  Andy - by coincidence, the same first name as the sheriff of Mayberry where Floyd lived and died. (Except for a time in 1930 when Floyd tried to ply his trade in New York City.)

One Zonk I don't have an answer for yet is why Floyd Jr. used the surname of "Colby" for a few months in the early sixties. 


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