Sunday, October 9, 2016


Randy Cranin, who - like me - is a member of the Iddiot Nation, saw this possible Zonk last week on 'This Is Us':

As written, I'm sure it was meant to be a reference to the characters Lorelei and Rory Gilmore from 'Gilmore Girls'.  However, the characters in 'This Is Us' share the same TV dimension as the Gilmore girls (so far).  And as the Gilmores live in Stars Hollow, Connecticut, and 'This Is Us' is set in Pittsburgh, it's unlikely that their paths crossed that of the guy who said the above quote. 

And who just happens to be named Toby....!

However, we can rescue this from being a Zonk by turning to another TV show for the splainin. 

In 'One True Hill', there was a small college for which Nathan Scott may have played B-Ball.  They were the Gilmore College Cobras. 

And so that's what we have here to keep that quote from causing harm to the main Toobworld.  Toby was referring to either the general populace of Gilmore College co-eds or perhaps more specifically to a Gilmore girl on the cheer-leading squad. 

Thanks, Randy!

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