Friday, October 14, 2016


gave up on the new CBS show 'Bull' after the second episode.  Basically that's all it took to get the gist of the series. And I saw no reason why I can't assume it's to be found in Earth Prime-Time. 

But according to my online comrade Martin Ross, 'Bull' made that assumption official with the latest episode.....

From Martin:
Tuesday's ep "Ambiguous" -- defendant and rapist victim both Hudson students.  

And the NY Ledger.

Take care!

So that ties the show into the NBC 'Law & Order' franchise:
1) 'Law & Order'
2) 'Special Victims Unit'
3) 'Criminal Intent'
4) 'Trial By Jury'
5) 'Deadline'
6) "Exiled"

And by extension, all the shows in Dick Wolf's other franchise, the four 'Chicago' titles: 'Fire', 'P.D', 'Med' & 'Law'.

Plenty of other shows have referenced Hudson University and the NY Ledger, but not all of them are in the main Toobworld. 

Thanks, Martin!

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