Monday, August 1, 2016


This quote from the 'Bonanza' episode "The Bloodline" made me think of the many TV Western actors who made so many guest role appearances in the oaters of the day.  Some of them, like Jack Elam, Morgan Woodward, and John Milford, appeared several times over in the same series!  (That's Milford below, in ten roles alone from 'The Rifleman'!)

"I've seen you in every mining camp, every tank town and honky tonk between here and Mexico.  Maybe not the same face or the same fancy duds, but the same cold eyes, the same way of walking and the same stink of killing on you."
- Dianne Johnson

She was saying it to a character played by Lee Van Cleef, who was also quite a familiar face in the early days of TV Westerns before he hit it big in the overseas movie market.  

And so we kick off our traditional month-long salute to the TV Western.  You may notice there's something of a theme that will show up periodically.  And we were still able to honor the year-long theme for the Television Crossover Hall of Fame - the League Of Themselves - with this month's inductee.

I hope you enjoy.

Happy trails to you!

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