Friday, August 5, 2016


"Too much has happened to me.
I know what they have turned me into."
Abby Garcia
'The Guns Of Will Sonnet'

When Will and Jeff Sonnet rode into a small Mexican settlement in search of James Sonnet, they were brought before the outlaw who had taken over the town.  Harley Bass, with his shirt not tucked in, came out of a back room, angry at being interrupted.  And it's no wonder.  He was soon followed by Abby Garcia, a local woman he had taken for himself.

Her degradation soon ended with the death of Bass, but her contribution to Toobworld continued.  Frontier whores, politely referred to in TV shows as "saloon girls", jump-started many a family tree by getting pregnant, thanks to a lot of recognizable cowboys whose likenesses were passed down through the decades to be "born to rerun" as TV characters in other TV shows.

So most of the characters who were descended from the union of Bass and Abby would look like the actor James Best, thanks to strong telegenetics.  Abby Garcia probably crossed the border and traveled east to settle in one of the southern states before the child was born.  And from that child would come the great grandchildren - Jim Lindsay, Fred Morgan, Dan Murray, Dr. Joe Sullivan, Sheriff John Early, Dr. Peter Kellwin, and of course, Roscoe P. Coltrane.  (Characters like Jeff Myrtlebank and Billy Ben Turner would probably be of the grandchildren generation.  I don't think they were in stories set in the present day.)

O'Bviously, all of the characters played by James Best in TV Westerns, including yet another episode of 'The Twilight Zone', would have no direct lineage from Harley Bass.  However, all of them could have been identical cousins to Bass; and some of those could have been the same characters using aliases.  The wild, wild West was full of characters using multiple identities.  In telegenetics, this is known as agarnosis.

  • 'The Andy Griffith Show'
  • 'The Millionaire'
  • 'The Fugitive'
  • 'Ben Casey' (and maybe 'I Spy')
  • 'Hawkins'
  • 'Flipper'
  • 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' & 'Enos'
  • 'The Twilight Zone'

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