Sunday, July 31, 2016


For someone who loves TV as much as I do, I'm the worst when it comes to bingeing.  I just can't do it; I get antsy.  (I think computers ruined me for the more passive activity of just watching the Toob.)

So I still have three episodes to go for 'Stranger Things' and the main reason I haven't watched them this weekend, my days off, is because I still have an incredible queue of shows to watch on my DVR.  

My FB friend and fellow explorer of the minutiae of the TV Universe, Caeric ArcLight, sent me the following link, knowing it was right up my alley.  But I only got one paragraph in before I had to bail, because it was written for those who have seen the whole season.  

"Spoilers, Sweeties!"

But if you've finished it off, feel free to check out how these two genre programs can share the same TV dimension.....

Thanks, Caeric!


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