Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I don’t know if somebody was pulling a fast one with a joke news story, but they’re claiming that ‘Sleepy Hollow’ and ‘Bones’ will cross over next season on FOX.  It will be a two part story, running on both shows.  (Next season, they will share the same night on the schedule – Thursdays from 8 to 10 pm EST.)

I’m being skeptical because this may yet be a case of “The Boy Who Cried FOX” – several years ago it was announced that ‘Bones’ would cross over with ‘Lie To Me’ which starred Tim Roth as an expert in reading people for the Truth.  But that never came about.  Burn me once…..

I’m not about to toss ‘Bones’ overboard from the good ship Toobworld even though ‘Sleepy Hollow’ has to take place in an alternate dimension:  Not only has the actual story by Washington Irving been portrayed in Earth Prime-Time, but several other TV shows have made reference to the source material.  (Chief among these would be ‘Murder, She Wrote’ with its ‘The Night Of The Headless Horseman’ episode.)

‘Sleepy Hollow’ does share a dimension with one other show with a similar premise, in which the main characters are adapted from BookWorld but who operate in a TV dimension centuries beyond when the original stories took place.  And it’s a world where those original books are not acknowledged.  That other show?  ‘Elementary’.

But there’s nothing to say that this “Lit-Less” Toobworld can’t still have their own version of characters from the main Toobworld.  But definitely the world of ‘Bones’, Earth Prime-Time can’t support a modern day Ichabod Crane.

We’ve seen this situation happen in the past.  Perhaps the most recent occurrence was when the reboot of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ crossed over with ‘NCIS: LA’.  Just for that one plotline, we were watching the counterparts to G. Callan and Sam Hanna from the Land O’ Remakes rather than the usual suspects of Toobworld One.

So I’m not too excited by this; it doesn’t help explore the main TV Universe at all.  But I will be recording it and watching it.  You can bet on that!

‘Bones’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’ will return October 1, but it looks like this crossover won’t be on the schedule until later in the 2015-16 season.  I would expect it for the February Sweeps.


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