Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Last year I wrote about the "real" events in Toobworld which inspired the movie "Casablanca".

I've now discovered another TV show that can link into this tele-mosaic:


The IMF team tempts an art lover, who stole a secret missile fuel formula, to return the formula in exchange for a one of a kind art object. But he declines. So Jim begins a complex deception to convince his partner he has been double crossed. But the formula is still locked in a safe rigged to explode when enemy agents arrive.
- Written by David Foss

That art-loving thief was named Victor Laszlo, and yes of course we damned well have a theory of relateeveety for him!

This Victor Laszlo is the nephew to the famous freedom fighter during World War II.  He's too old to be the son of Victor and Ilsa Laszlo, but just the right age to have been the son of Victor's heretofore unknown older brother and named in honor of his uncle.

The older brother took his family to America to avoid reprisals by the Nazis for his brother's crusade to rally the people of Europe against the Third Reich.  Unfortunately, his son fell in with a gang on the Lower East Side of New York, and so began his life of crime.  Eventually his path crossed that of the IMF and they brought that career to a rather sudden end.....


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