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I belong to a Facebook group that celebrates the 1966 'Batman' TV show and recently Richard K. Rogers posted this bit o' whimsy:

Richard K. Rogers‎

Imagine if Batman and Robin made guest appearances on other TV shows during the 60's (not counting variety and talk shows). For instance, if the bat-boat got stranded on 'Gilligan's Island' while chasing the Joker, or on 'Star Trek' if they accidentally got beamed up with the Penguin. Anyone else have ideas on this?
And it's proving staggeringly popular at Wayne Manor, Squire!
Drew Caldwell 
'Time Tunnel' calls batman to help retrieve Doug and Tony

Drew Caldwell 
Bruce and Dick show up on 'The Avengers'
(John Steed and Emma Peel)

Len Horvath 
'The F.B.I.' tv series enlist Batman and Robin to help catch America's top criminals.

David Singer 
"The Batman from U.N.C.L.E."
Scott Morales 
Jan Brady has a crush on Robin, but when he breaks a date to stop a nefarious evildoer, she becomes her own villain, Whiny Girl. She uses her whiney voice to cripple Robin and holds him in Tiger's dog house.

Kevin Miller 
And then Danny Trejo and Steve Bucemi bring in Snickers for dinner and all is well

Scott Morales 
"It's always Marsha,Marsha,Marsha...Queen of diamonds!"

Charles Creasey 
They work on a case with Joe Friday and Bill Gannon

Jayson Kriedler 
Yeah I always wanted to see tv show cross-overs. I always wanted to see the Lone Ranger coming to the aid of Matt Dillon!

Sac Riligious 
They were in 'Scooby Doo'....  That was pretty cool

Terry Snyder 
Sam the butcher gets abused from customers one too many timeS and becomes an axe murderer called "Sam the Butcher" He captures Bruce and Dick spying in the shop and locks them in the meat locker. Of course the handle is broken off and Dick has to try to squeeze through the window they break due to his smaller size. In the campy type feel of the show, the window size has to be impossibly small for Dick to fit, yet somehow he does (or else the window size gets larger when Dick goes through and then shrinks back down when he is done.)

Alice gets tired of being the maid and an old maid, so she loses her mind and becomes the Harlequin to Sam's joker. She makes puns like she is going to "clean up the town" of bratty kids. She uses a feather duster with sneezing powder on it to cause the tremendous trio to sneeze and captures them that way.

Greg Brady becomes a version of the Joker after the hair tonic turns his hair orange.

OOH, Vincent Price appears as the guy in the cave in Hawaii with the Tiki, but somehow ends up in the Batcave. Even more funny is if he also appeared as Egghead in these episodes.

Jim Backus appears in the episode in the ghost town, which could include Shame and somehow they end up stealing money from Mr. Howell who is on his way to a three hour tour..

Terry Snyder 
Bruce and Dick travel to California for some sort of rich people function. They meet up with Jed Clampett. They become ill and Granny fixes them tonic for what ails them. The Joker makes his way out there and meets up with Mr. Drysdale and they work up a scheme.

Terry Snyder 
I know this isn't a sixties show, but it would be funny if the Dynamic Duo got caught in Rosco's and Boss Hogg's speed trap in Hazzard County. Batman succumbs to the law until he discovers how crooked it is there.

Terry Snyder 
I'm not quite sure of the plots, but they could be on 'Bewitched' and 'I Dream of Jeannie'.

Terry Snyder 
They could also end up in Mayberry fighting the Joker and his cousin, Ernest T Bass. Catwoman could meet up with the Good Time Gals and Penguin with Otis. The Riddler (Gorshin) could kidnap Barney.

Stefan Odinson 
Batman and Robin appear on 'Hogan's Heroes' and help Hogan and crew defeat the Third Reich.

Joseph McGarry 
Actually, there was sort of a crossover back then. On 'The Green Hornet', Britt Reid was setting up a trap to catch someone. When the villain first saw a certain TV monitor, it showed someone locked in a room in the basement. When the police and others saw the same monitor, it showed Batman and Robin climbing the wall. 'Batman' and 'Green Hornet' were both produced by Greenway Productions, which is why Green Hornet and Kato could appear on 'Batman'.

Ferd Appleby 
Boy, it would've been cool having Batman and Robin cross over to 'The Brady Bunch when i was doing kid duty on it! I could have met them before i started drawing them! Both Eve Plumb (Jan) and i were budding artists and i DID help her work out a 'cat-lady' character that she wanted to a Bat-crossover kinda sorta happened, lol........

Richard K. Rogers
'I Dream Of Jeannie' would have to have King Tut!
Drew Caldwell
The Seaview spots the Penguin submarine and notifies Batman
Drew Caldwell
Dr Loveless has a time machine and gets Joker and Catwoman to aid him against Jim West
Dan Ball
Adam West made a few appearances as a guest star wearing the Batman Costume. Why Burt Ward didn't...who knows....  I would've liked to have seen a 'Hollywood Squares' with all the characters in costume,playing pranks on each other from square to square.

Catherine Ehlers 
Can you imagine this: Batman & Robin on 'Dark Shadows' trying to find Maggie Evans? Or how about helping the IMF on 'Mission: Impossible'?

Scott Morales 
Batman helping Maxwell Smart defeat KAOS, run by False Face

Richard K. Rogers 
I was thinking Maxwell Smart and Batman get trapped by the Riddler, 99 solves the riddles with Robin.

Richard K. Rogers 
Penguin working on a smuggling deal with Mr. Haney in 'Green Acres'. "Outrageous! You expect me, the aristocrat of crime, to peddle these petty pilferings for a mere $100? Wack, wack, wack...!"

Richard K. Rogers 
Egghead builds a time machine, sends Shane to Fort Courage. Batman and Robin follow, work with O'Rourke and Agarn to trap him.

Ron Fowler 
They should have been on 'The Monkees', or 'Where the Action Is' - Adam could do the Batusi with Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Richard K. Rogers 
I was just thinking about the Monkees. Catwoman opens a laundromat, and seduces the Monkees. Batman and Robin rescues them. Then they convince Mickey and Davy to dress up as a faux Batman and Robin to trick Catwoman, unaware that Kitten is going to sing in the Monkees' place.

Of course, I had to share my favorite 'Batman' crossover wish-craft:

Toby O'Brien 
For my Toobworld Dynamic shared universe, the Batman at some point must have teamed up with the Third Incarnation of the Doctor. This would account for later incarnations all wearing question mark clothing and having similarly themed accessories like the Seventh's umbrella. For me, it's obvious the Doctor helped himself to the Riddler's wardrobe during his team-up with the Caped Crusader.


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