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Sybil Reed was a former high school student of Jessica Fletcher's while she was growing up in Cabot Cove.  Now a published author herself, Sybil wrote "The Sins Of Castle Cove" - which she claimed was only based on the geographical features of her former hometown.  But it was filled with characters whose personalities and histories were easily recognized by the citizens of Cabot Cove.

At least in Cabot Cove, the book became a best seller and soon enough one of the townsfolk was murdered in exactly the same manner as her counterpart was in the book. 

Several of the down home scandals were described in the episode, but there's one they never bring up.  It went unspoken but it was obvious to everyone - one of the leading citizens in that Maine town had an unacknowledged half brother in the nearby state of Vermont.

Norman Edmonds was the town banker, who held all of the mortgages in Cabot Cove.  He had a lot invested in getting a resort complex built in town and that was in jeopardy with the 1758 land claim by the supposed descendent of Chief Manitoka.  Meanwhile,the dentist in Wenton, Vermont, Dr. Penn Walker, was Norman Edmonds' identical twin.  

According to the Toobworld Dynamic theory of relateeveety, Edmonds' father had a mistress (with the last name of Walker) who bore him a son whom she named Penn.  The name could have been a nod to the state from which she came.  But then again, maybe she came from somewhere else in Toobworld....  (I'll have more on that in the following post.)

Nobody in Cabot Cove knew of Penn Walker's existence until a grisly murder occurred in connection to the Wenton Academy for Boys.  It was such a sensational crime, Doc Walker's face was splashed across TV screens throughout New England, especially the news channels like ZNN and the Wolf Network, and in national publications like NewsTime and Crime, a magazine from Howard Publications.

The book was released two years after the scandal which involved Doc Walker.  Combining that with his questionable parentage and his resemblance to his half-brother Norman, I would be very much surprised if there wasn't some kind of sub-plot about twins in there......


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O'BSERVATION: Norman Edmonds and Dr. Penn Walker were both played by Charles Siebert, only months apart.

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