Monday, April 20, 2015


Some Monday morning minutiae......

ZNN - otherwise known as Zulu News Network - is the established satellite news network in Toobworld seen in 'JAG' & 'NCIS'.  I'm fairly certain that it must have been seen or mentioned on the spinoffs 'NCIS: LA' and 'NCIS: New Orleans'.  If not, it probably will be.

But it's not exactly the same ZNN as was seen in the premiere episode of 'The Royals'.  That show about the royal family of Great Britain takes place in an alternate dimension from 'NCIS' which takes place in the main Toobworld.

And it may not be the satellite news network from "Telemerica", that is, the TV version of the United States.  Based on this screencap of ZNN's coverage of the death of Prince Liam, the network could be based in some foreign country (probably in the Middle East.  Like the Islamic Republic of Kamistan, perhaps - if 'The Royals' shares the same TV dimension of '24'.)


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Thorley Winston said...

ZNN also appeared on the show “Seven Days” and “NCIS: Los Angeles”.