Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In 1975, 'The Bob Newhart Show' introduced a new recurring character - Cliff Murdock, Bob Hartley's old college roommate.  Cliff's college nickname was "Peeper" and he was played by Tom Poston.

Peeper only appeared in the following episodes:

- The Longest Good Bye (1975) TV episode, Played by Tom Poston
- Peeper Two (1976) TV episode, Played by Tom Poston
- Enter Mrs. Peeper (1976) TV episode, Played by Tom Poston
- The Slammer (1976) TV episode, Played by Tom Poston
- You're Having My Hartley (1977) TV episode, Played by Tom Poston

But by stepping outside the medium, we can see Cliff Murdock from back in his college days with Bob Hartley, thanks to this picture of Newhart and Poston in the early days of their career:

So we're claiming that this is actually a picture of Bob and Cliff instead of Bob and Tom.

We only saw Cliff in those episodes, but we know that he had a profound influence on Dr. Hartley - when Bob had Japanese food, it caused him to have a very disturbing dream that felt to him as though it lasted for years.  And one of the people who populated that dream was a handyman named George Utley.  It's O'Bvious - at least to me - that George was the reinterpretation of Cliff Murdock by Bob's brain.


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