Monday, February 2, 2015


Moving on in our British theme for the 2015 Television Crossover Hall Of Fame, we come to the month of February.  As has been the tradition, February is sort of the Black History month, as it is in the real world.  And we have the perfect candidate who fits into our theme.....


Martha Jones first materialized on our TV screens in 'Doctor Who' during the second year of David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor.  She became his Companion for that season, but left him at the end because there was so much more she wanted to do with her life.

But she could never go back to her previous life; the Doctor had basically ruined her for that by opening up the wonders of the Universe to her.  So Martha went to work for UNIT.

She came back to the show for a two-part episode and later for the two-part season finale in which she played a large important role.  But she also showed up for several 'Torchwood' episodes in which she worked with the team as a UNIT "advisor" on several cases.

The last time we saw her in Earth Prime-Time, she had now hooked up with Mickey Smith, another former Companion and the former boyfriend of Rose Tyler.  By "hooked up", I mean they were working together - seen together in an abandoned factory being attacked by a Sontaran (whom I believe was Strax, but I can't be certain.)  

They could have become lovers, perhaps even a married couple, by the time the Doctor rescued them during his "farewell tour".  (That scene would not have necessarily been happening around the same time as it was broadcast; it could still be in the Future of the Toobworld timeline.)

Who knows?
As Unseen On TV?

But I would hope we someday get to see Mickey and Martha working together again in the world of 'Doctor Who'.  They would make for a great team of leading roles for another spin-off, perhaps as independent agents or working still for UNIT.  "Smith & Jones" does have a nice ring to it....

Still, that's only two TV shows to her credit and we can only count 'Doctor Who' once, even though she came back several times as a guest star rather than as a co-star.  However, Martha was seen again the greater Toobworld Dynamic - she and the Doctor were seen as their counterparts in the Tooniverse for a special one-off, "The Infinite Quest".  

With that, Dr. Martha Jones fulfills the requirements necessary for entry into the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame.

Well Come!

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