Thursday, February 5, 2015



In order to excuse herself from the others in her resident hotel so that she could get back to her undercover activities, Peggy Carter said that she was reading the latest Agatha Christie novel and had only five pages to go.

This would have to be "The Hollow", which would be known as "Murder After Hours" once it was published in 1946.  It was a classic "country house mystery" which Dame Agatha would later contend that she ruined by introducing Hercule Poirot into the narrative so late in the story.

But of course, that's in the Real World.....

In Toobworld, Agatha Christie was merely fictionalizing the actual Christow murder case.  Even though the events of the book came first and are considered official in BookWorld, in Toobworld we have to accept that the events as played out in the TV adaptation in 2004 were what really happened.  The televersion of Christie (played by Finella Woolgar in an episode of 'Doctor Who') embellished the real life events to fit her story's needs and even invented a character by the name of David Angkatell.  She let the murderer escape death by poisoned tea (although the killer would still likely be put to death by the State) when in the reality of Toobworld the murderer commited suicide.

This is another good example why the Toobworld Dynamic doesn't absorb books into the TV Universe; there would be just too many discrepancies to splain away.


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