Tuesday, February 3, 2015


'Chicago P.D.' which is a spin-off from 'Chicago Fire', will now be spinning off a new member of the "Chicago Wolf" franchise via Dr. Ryan Halstead, brother to Officer Jay Halstead.  

Apparently he will be the lynchpin for 'Chicago Med' which Dick Wolf is hoping will go to series, about which I've already posted.  According to executive producer Matt Olmstead, this new character is "a bit of a playboy and a successful doctor, but always off to the next good time.  [He] never really sticks around when things get complicated. We’re finding him in a point in his life when he has to knuckle down and get real about being in Chicago."

The role will be played by Nick Gehlfuss who previously had been in the series 'Shameless'.  After his debut on 'Chicago P.D.', Gehlfuss will be playing Dr. Halstead in an episode of 'Chicago Fire'.  And that's the episode which will serve as the backdoor pilot.

So that means it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Dr. Ryan Halstead will be eligible for the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame before the year is out......


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