Thursday, January 22, 2015


With its return for a final season, the shabbily-treated* 'Parks & Recreation' has jumped ahead in the Toobworld timeline to now be taking place in 2017.  From the two episodes broadcast so far, it doesn't look like they'll be making any outrageous claims of future-vision... except maybe for the spacey 3-D tablets that look similar to the vid-paper used in an episode of 'Journeyman'.  But the idea of a new Jason Bourne movie in two years seems viable and even the idea of Kevin James starring in it isn't so outlandish that a little splainin can't fix it.  He could be the heavy back at the Agency, or a sidekick to whoever is playing Bourne.

It looks like most of the recurring players among the citizens of Pawnee are also going to be showing up, including the City Council Methuselah, Milton.  (Although I worry about Mrs. Beavers.)  And one of those who have come back already is Joan Callamezzo and she's a train wreck.

At a speech she gave at a city rally, Joan proclaimed: "Thank you, Commissioner Gordon, people of Gotham....."

"Great," muttered City Manager Ben Wyatt.  "She thinks she's in 'Batman'."

Ben was referring to the various movies that have been made about the Caped Crusader over the years, but Joan might have thought she was in the actual Gotham City during this delusion. 

The Gotham City from the 1960s TV show shares the same TV dimension as Pawnee and it's Zonk-proof because Batman was so newsworthy that it's very believable that he should be immortalized not only in the movies, but in a TV show during his crime-fighting career... with lookalike actor Adam West playing the role.

As for the mention of Commissioner Gordon, I'm afraid he's long been dead in Earth Prime-Time, despite his appearance as a hale and hearty younger man in the TV show 'Gotham'.  (That takes place in an alternate TV dimension, probably the Evil Toobworld.)

It was just another sign that Joan Callamezzo is a hot mess in 2017.


Despite scoring high ratings upon its return, the episodes are being burned off two at a time to get rid of it as quickly as possible.  At least "William Henry Harrison" and "Ron & Leslie" were meant to be paired together.....

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