Saturday, January 24, 2015


CBS has big plans to break out of their crime procedural programming - somewhat - with a TV series based on the DC Comics heroine Supergirl.
CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler made the announcement, adding that the show would involve female empowerment, but that it would still focus on the basics of the character, Kara Zor-El, as the last daughter of Krypton.  That would probably be the mythos explored in the longer story arcs.  But she'll also be solving "the crime of the week" as do the police procedurals on the CBS schedule.
No actress has been cast yet, but Tassler said it has to be somebody who can carry the weight of the show and still be a role model/everywoman with whom other women in the audience can identify.

I wish they had gone with Power Girl.  Aside from the allure of her boob windows, she'd be a fresh new character to most of the TV audience, and that bright white costume would be a welcome change from the current trend of dark costumes.  But there's no denying the power of that S logo......

Still, there's always hope that the series will run for awhile, so eventually they could bring in Power Girl as her otherworld doppelganger. 

It might look something like this:
I'm concerned with how they're going to tie into the Superman mythos. For Toobworld, Superman has been dead since the early sixties. Will they try to suggest a connection to the Superman of the movies? Revive the perception of Tom Welling in the role? Supergirl's placement in the greater Toobworld Dynamic will hinge on this....
BCnU, by Rao!

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