Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Thanks to "The Medium Is Not Enough" (the fourth best TV blog in all of the UK), I've learned about "TV, Eh?" a website about Canadian TV.  And they had this news item from the other day:

LOVEJOY, a mystery series in development with BBC, produced in partnership with UK-based Red Planet Pictures, based on the series of novels by Jonathan Gash, which inspired the BBC series Lovejoy starring Ian McShane which ran from 1986-1994. Tony Jordan (Life on Mars, Hustle, Crash) is writing the pilot script.
This will go into the Land o' Remakes automatically since - as the article stated - there already is a TV series about Lovejoy on Earth Prime-Time.......

And we know that Ian McShane's televersion of 'Lovejoy' is the official portrayal for the main Toobworld because we saw a book based on his life in an episode of 'Doctor Who' and it had his face on the front cover.

Check it out here:

This was not a Zonk!  Just as the Toobworld maxim states that eventually everyone will have a TV show made about them, so too will many TV characters will have books written about them.  And who better than to put on the cover of that book than the actual bloke... who just happens to look like an actor by the name of Ian McShane?

There is one way in which both televersions of "Lovejoy" can remain part of Earth Prime-Time, but it would take a pretty good argument.

Although everything in that news snippet above screams "UK location", it is going to be a co-production with a Canadian company.  What if this new adaptation is set in Canada?  Maybe we could make the argument that this new Lovejoy is a nephew of the "original" and one who is named after him.  But it's an argument that would have to be very convincing.


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