Thursday, January 8, 2015


"We've got foibles and fables just for you....."

From Kiersten Hallie Krum of Entertainment Weekly re: 'The Librarians' - "And The Fables Of Doom"

Finally, Because I had to know, here in no particular order is the list on Jenkins’ chalkboard. My personal favorite is Jacob’s Step Ladder.

Reanimation Elix
ir, Magic Mushrooms, Lilies, Tesla’s Death Ray, The Black Mask, The Sampo, Book of Thoth, Loki’s Spear, Unicorn, The Stone of Giramphiel, Yata No Kagami, The Trident of Poseidon, The Golden Fish Scale, The Immortals, Libris Fabula, Lantern of Diogenes, The Singing Sword of Conaire Mor, Aztec Smoking Mirror, Icelandic Swans, Wand of Fairies, Pipes of Pan, Goose With Golden Eggs, Mother Goose Treaty (of 1918), John Henry’s Hammer, The Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny, Blackbeard’s Chest, Sitting Bull’s Feather, the Genie’s Lamp, Leprechauns, Gaelic Vampires, Ozymandia’s Dream Journal, Shakespeare’s Quill, Homer’s Sandal, Interstellar Wireless, The Cap of Invisibility, Sirens, The Necklace of Harmonia, The Tell Tale Heart, Fenrir’s Chain, W.D.’s Frozen Head, The Stein of Many Drinkers, The Veil of Scherazade, Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle, Cupid’s Bow, Aesop’s Lyre, The Well of Wishes, the Peaches of Immortality, the Wolf’s Whistle, Whirling Dervishes, The Tree of Confucius, Inuit Raven Claw, Red Herrings of Yangtze, Jacob’s Step Stool, Fountain of Youth, Tazmanian Devil, Robert’s Lancel*

*This is my best guess as it’s the only one I couldn’t definitively make out. Would it have killed director Jonathan Frakes to have one camera pan in which the chalkboard was fully legible?!

Jenkins had listed fifty-seven magical/supernatural items which could have been responsible for bringing fairy tales to life in the small Washington village of Bremen. Among those listed above, several of them could be links to other TV show episodes.

Among those:

Spear of Destiny
"The Librarian: Quest For The Spear"
This was already in the possession of the Metropolitan Museum, not that it would do the Librarians any good - the Library is currently lost in a pocket dimension.

Tesla’s Death Ray
'Murdoch Mysteries' - "The Tesla Effect"

Loki’s Spear
'Conan' - "The Curse Of Afka"

The Trident of Poseidon
'Xena, Warrior Princess' - "Ulysses"

The Immortals
'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'

Mother Goose Treaty (of 1918)
'Bewitched' - "Sam's Double Mother Trouble"

The Holy Grail
'Babylon 5' - "Grail"

Blackbeard’s Chest
'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' - "The Return Of Blackbeard"

Sitting Bull’s Feather
'The Time Tunnel' - "The Massacre"

The Genie’s Lamp
'I Dream Of Jeannie'
Although she was housed in an ornate bottle, many genies do reside in lamps.

Shakespeare’s Quill
'Doctor Who' - "The Shakespeare Code"

Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle

Cupid’s Bow
'Supernatural' - "My Bloody Valentine"

Fountain of Youth
'Big John, Little John'

Tazmanian Devil
Geico Commerical
He crossed over from the Tooniverse and was making a commercial in a TV studio......
The Lantern Of Diogenes
'Warehouse 13' - Unknown
Many of the other items are probably already stored away in 'Warehouse 13' as well.....


Mattkind said...

The Black Mask is a batman villain

tay said...

How does anime fit? The yata no kagami mirror has been in at least 2.