Wednesday, January 7, 2015


On January 1st, the first winner of a 2015 Toobits Award was established with the death of DCI Emma Summerhayes on 'EastEnders'.  She had been investigating the death of Lucy Beale and with the long list of suspects there in Watford Square, Emma was able to narrow it down to the guilty party.  She called them up and let them know that she knew their secret.  But shortly after that she was hit by an out of control car driven by two other neighborhood residents.

And so Emma Summerhayes won the hardly desired "First Toobworld Death of 2015".

Twitterlings had fun with the image of Emma on her phone talking to Lucy's killer, and they came up with several suggestions for suspects outside the boundaries of 'EastEnders'.  Here are just three of them.....


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