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Rob Buckley, master of the fourth most popular TV blog in the UK ("The Medium Is Not Enough"), writes every week about one of his favorite superheroes, Wonder Woman. (I myself prefer Power Girl and Starfire.) And in a recent column, he gave a pretty good synopsis of the major changes to Diana Prince's character and history since the launch of the "52" reboot of the DC Comics line:
  • Her origin was completely changed so that she became Zeus’s daughter when her mother Hippolyta had had an affair with him (her previous ‘clay’ origin was revealed to be a ruse to keep Hera in the dark)
  • The Amazons were changed from a society of women living isolated from the world in a superior civilisation to one that went out seducing then murdering men for procreation before giving away their male babies in return for weapons
  • The gods were transformed from largely benevolent anthropomorphic beings, fit to be worshipped, to various zoomorphic creatures, personifications of office, and generally unpleasant individuals
  • Diana was eventually apotheosed to goddess of war
  • Most of the supporting characters from pre-nu52 times were removed, killed or ignored, to be replaced with male characters.
None of this has any effect on the Wonder Woman we know from Toobworld. Lynda Carter made an indelible impression (did she ever!) as the Amazon princess in a TV series that ran three years and over two networks and which spanned the Toobworld Timeline from the war years of the 1940s to the more mundane 1970s.

Diana's history is set in stone thanks to the TV series, including the origin story about Hyppolita's clay statue. And because the Toobworld Dynamic embraces most TV shows into one dimension, the demi-gods are still human in form (although with the power to alter their appearance.)

There are rumors that another revision to the legend of Wonder Woman will happen in the first stand-alone movie for the warrior princess with it being set in the 1920s. The Toobworld Dynamic has absorbed movies in the past - "Maverick", the 1966 "Batman", the "Star Trek" franchise being the best examples - but since it's obviously not Lynda Carter, we can't just absorb the entire movie. Especially since it will tie into the movie which will introduce Wonder Woman as played by Gal Gudot - "Superman vs. Batman" starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. 

Everyone SHOULD know that for Earth Prime-Time, they were played by George Reeve and Adam West.

However, the adventures Wonder Woman has in that time period over in the Cineverse could conceivably have happened to TV's Wonder Woman as well. It certainly wouldn't create a Zonk with anything that happens later along Diana's personal timeline. (Although since the producers only have to answer to their own vision of a DC Universe, who knows what might happen that could have ramifications in the Present?)
I gave you the link above to Rob's site in general. But if you'd like to read the full article about Wonder Woman, click here.

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