Saturday, December 20, 2014


'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
"Anyone Who Hates Kids And Dogs"

MARY: What are you reading there?
STEVIE: Comic book.
MARY: What’s it about?
STEVIE: (sarcastically) I don’t know, that’s why I’m reading it.
MARY: (reading the cover) “The Fantastic Blob.” Huh. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
STEVIE: They don’t give bad guys their own comic books.
MARY: Right, of course, they don’t. I should have realized that. I used to like comic books when I was your age. I used to love Wonder Woman. Do you know her?
MARY: I used to love the way she’d ward off bullets with her golden bracelets. Gee, every month I couldn’t wait for the next issue to come out. Oh, I remember this one story when Egg Fu, her archenemy, had her trapped in this giant mustache of his. And he had her tied up in one end of the mustache, and in the other end of the mustache was her boyfriend, uh …
SUE ANN NIVENS: (excitedly) Steve Trevor.
MARY: Right. Right. Well anyway just before Egg Fu was about to crush them both, Wonder Woman worked her arm free and twirled her magic lasso around his head and she cracked it into a thousand pieces, and the world was safe for democracy once again. I just thought it was wonderful. Do you like Wonder Woman?
STEVIE: Naw, she’s too butch.

The issue of 'Wonder Woman' which Mary Richards was talking about had to be this one:

And there is no Zonk when it comes to 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' sharing the same TV dimension as 'Wonder Woman.'  UNReel would have been hard at work even during World War II to protect such people as the Amazon princess from public scrutiny - by creating examples of plausible deniability.  In this case it would have been a comic book about Wonder Woman's exploits.  

Not that it came up in conversation, but Wonder Woman was active once again during the 1970s, and in such a way as to bring her notoriety from the general public.


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