Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Connecting (in a way) to two episodes of 'The Twilight Zone'.  The best I could do for "Two For Tuesday".....


In order to track down the thieves who stole a valuable crystal bowl, Diana Prince followed the leads provided by IRAC the computer - a list of fences in the Washington, DC area who might have an interest in moving the stolen goods.  

One of these men was a fellow named Shubert who hid his fencing operation behind the respectability of a midtown art gallery.  He knew Diana Prince was on to him but he played it cool, thinking that his henchmen could make it look like she died in a tragic car accident.  Of course, since she was also Wonder Woman, Diana Prince was able to put the kibosh on that plan.

To top it off, the crystal bowl had already been stolen from him!  (Probably by the living statue on display in his shop.)

Diana Prince didn't know it, but Shubert was just as alien to this human world as she was.....



From the IMDb:
William Surka works as a hydrogen specialist in a highly secure plant. Conditions are tense and there are constant rumors of war. The latest is that it's going to happen in the next 48 hours. Unbeknown to his wife Eve and daughter Jody, he and his friend Jerry Riden have been planning an escape of sorts for themselves and their families. Jerry is a test pilot and they plan to steal the government's latest spacecraft heading off to a planet they believe may sustain life. Their biggest challenge is Carling, a security officer who seems to be onto their plan. 
[Written by garykmcd]

Okay, I warned you there would be spoilers......

As it turned out, the planet they were going to was Earth Prime-Time!  Once there, they established new identities and new lives for themselves.  Jody Surka became a doctor even though human anatomy was slightly different from her own.  Under her new name of Dr. Lesley Webber, she gained some fame at the Port Charles General Hospital.

But life didn't work out so well for Jerry Riden.  It was too dangerous to fake a new identity that would pass scrutiny with the federal government if he wanted to begin his new life as a test pilot again.  (The biggest problem was that another astronaut in the secret space program looked just like him - Peter Craig.  And the authorities were already in an uproar when Craig never returned from a mission to another planet.)  He tried other ventures but either they weren't too his liking or the ways of American customs were too foreign to him.

Unfortunately, Riden found that Terran alcohol and his alien biology went together only too well and his life fell apart soon after, with his wife Anne leaving him.  With nowhere else to turn, Jerry Riden took on a new identity and began his new career - dealing in stolen goods.  (He may have taken the name of "Shubert" because the composer was his favorite on this new world.  Or he was tipping his hat to a mysterious benefactor - a billionaire industrialist bent on world domination. [See: 'The Man From Atlantis'])


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