Saturday, October 18, 2014


Inspector Reid of 'Ripper Street' was able to save a young woman from being lobotomized by Dr. Karl Crabbe.  He wanted to prevent her from revealing his involvement in an underhanded scheme.  Crabbe ended up in the prison wing of the asylum and eventually served as a Hannibal Lecter to Reid's Clarice Starling.  

By 1889, Dr. Crabbe was in the asylum, visited by Inspector Reid in April of 1890.  By that point in his life, Karl Crabbe may have had at least one son to carry on the family name, someone who would have been an adult by then.

If Dr. Crabbe had more than one son, one of them was the great grandfather of Middleton Chief Inspector Henry Crabbe.  With his wife Margaret, Crabbe was also the proprietor and head chef of the 'Pie In The Sky' restaurant (which he wanted to devote his time to instead of to his police work.)


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