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Elsbet Matts was a romance novelist living in Skoga, Sweden, during the 1950s.  The only book of hers mentioned was "Their Last Summer" (That was the English translation.  In Sweden it was titled "Deras Forra Sommaren".)  Her books were usually dark romances about poor women falling in love with older men and they were not well-received by the critics.  

"Elsbet Matts" was just her nom de plume.  Her name was actually Elisabet Mattson and her brother was Yngve Mattson who sold components for conveyor belts.

Because of a brief affair with Colonel Holt, Elisabet became pregnant.  She put the child up for adoption and Colonel Holt and his wife adopted him, naming him Thomas Holt.

As to possibilities of fictional books in other TV shows being works by Elsbet Matts, most of those to be found in the list at Wikipedia were either not in the same category as romance novels or attributed to other writers.  But there was one possibility:

"The Long Journey Home" which Beans had overdue from the local library.  Perhaps when he checked it out, he had no clue that it was a romance novel.

However, after finding herself involved in a double murder investigation in which the son she gave up for adoption died, I think Elisabet Mattson adopted a new guise as "Dame Margot Woodhouse".  Under that name she wrote a series of murder mysteries which were then translated into English for her American publishers, Whitestone Publishing.  Forty years on, near the end of her career, it was apparent that her talents were fading, based just on the title of her last book: "Death Rinses Out A Few Things".

  • 'Crime of Passion'
  • 'Even Stephen'
  • 'Dream On'

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