Monday, October 13, 2014


Looking at Italian TV on Columbus Day......

In 1890, Marshal Paolo Giummaro of Vigata, Sicily, teamed up with police detective Inspector Ernesto Bellavia to investigate the disappearance of bank executive Antonio Patò, who vanished after playing Judas in the annual Passion Play.

Despite their cultural "differences"*, Giummaro and Bellavia came up with the solution which also satisfied any questions about several other mysteries in Vigata.  However, politically their solution was unacceptable (because of the involvement of the Mafia and possible scandal for the bank) so they faked a second solution to keep all involved parties happy.

One of Giummaro's children moved to the mainland of Italy and settled in Gubbio, a small town on the slope of Mt. Ingino in the province of Peruggio (which is also known as Umbria.)  Whether it was a daughter who married and moved away, or a son in search of his own destiny, eventually the family name changed so that for Toobworld research it would be the lineage of the Cecchini branch which would be followed.

Giummaro's great-grandson, Nino Cecchini, carried on the legacy of his great-grandfather by becoming a "Maresciallo" in that provincial town.  Despite his commanding officer's objections, Marshal Cecchini would often seek out the help of the local priest, Don Matteo, in solving murders in Gubbio.

Actor Nino Frassica played both roles.

"La scomparsa di Patò"
'Don Matteo'


Giummaro was from the south of Sicily and Bellavia was from the north.  As Bellavia kept pointing out, everything remained the same.  (There were no differences in their speech, for example.)

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