Thursday, October 9, 2014


Not that I was planning on developing this idea for posting, but I had it in mind that the new ABC series 'How To Get Away With Murder' would fit in nicely with a previous ABC show set in Philadelphia - 'Body Of Proof'.  In fact, I had this secret wish that perhaps Dana Delany might return to her role of Dr. Megan Hunt in a special guest appearance on the Viola Davis starrer.  (I think ABC made a big mistake in canceling 'Body Of Proof'.)

But with the second episode of 'How To Get Away With Murder', executive producer Shonda Rhimes and her production team may have thrown a monkey wrench into that idea.

As part of her defense for a millionaire playboy and huntsman, Annalise Keating called a medical examiner to the stand.  This woman, who went unnamed, had been the chief medical examiner in Philadelphia for the last 13 years until she left two months before the trial to become the head of the pathology department at UPenn.

According to 'Body Of Proof', the chief medical examiner in Philadelphia was Kate Murphy:

Now, we could claim that Lynn Ann Leveridge was playing Kate Murphy; that in the time since 'Body Of Proof', Kate had let herself go.  (My apologies to Ms. Leveridge for that appraisal.  It's geared towards the character, not the actor.)  The Recastaway rules of Toobworld would allow for that, but 'How To Get Away With Murder' is not sci-fi.

At this point in the game, depending on whether or not this new law drama survives, it looks like the crossover suggestion between both shows could work as long as we play with the Toobworld timeline.  

Since 'Body Of Proof' is the show that's already cancelled, we're going to reposition it on the timeline.  As it was on the air in the middle of the Obama presidency, pretty much any topical references can stay on point if we move it to within the timeframe being established for 'How To Get Away With Murder'.  (Damn, that title is cumbersome if you have to keep typing it!)

The new series already has a flexible timeline, with the present day represented by the students of Ms. Keating covering up a murder.  The meat of the show begins three months prior to that event and will eventually lead up to the cover-up (hopefully by the end of the season.)

So as 'Body Of Proof' was broadcast from 2011 to 2013, I have no problem pushing it forward in Time so that it is now concurrent with 'H2GAWM'.  (Not liking that acronym.....)  That way, Kate Murphy was given the job as Chief Medical Examiner for Philadelphia after Leveridge's unnamed character left the job.  We could also push 'H2GAWM' backwards in Time by a year as well.  Perhaps even by two years.......

It's something that will have a slim chance of ever being a factor in what we see on the screen, but for the purposes of the Toobworld Dynamic the motion should be sustained.

But should my ruling be overturned, I will fall back on Lynn Ann Leveridge playing Jeri Ryan's Kate Murphy......


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