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Here's a post-script to the blog post from earlier today.....

The idea of a cross-dimensional protection program is intriguing, and hopefully I'll find a way to use it in some other splainin - such as when a character disappeared from a show without any reason given.  Had it not been for the fact that the role was recast with Noel Neill, I might have used it for the disappearance of Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane in 'The Adventures Of Superman'.

I'm still mulling over that one, but I think I'm going to go with the splainin that Ms. Coates was the original Lois Lane of Earth Prime-Time.  However, she must have been kidnapped between Seasons One and Two of the show and brought to an alternate TV dimension.  In Superman's futile search of the countless Earths in the multiverse, he discovered another Lois Lane [played by Noel Neill] in another universe outside of the Toobworld Dynamic - in one of the dimensions of the Cineverse.  ("Superman vs. The Mole Men" is officially absorbed into the TwD, just like the movies "Batman" {1966}, "Maverick" and the "Star Trek" franchise - up until the entry of Spock into the black hole in the first JJ Abrams movie.)

This world must have been without a Superman. although we know it once had one.  He might have died in trying to prevent the cataclysmic explosion of the molten core that would soon destroy that Earth in the movie universe.

Realizing that he might never find his own Lois ever again, Superman of Earth Prime-Time did what little he could for this soon to be extinct Toobworld: he carried that world's Lois back through the vortex to Earth Prime-Time.  She must have been unconscious during the journey because she never acted as though Earth Prime-Time was not her own Cineversal Earth.  

As for the original Lois Lane?  Somehow she ended up escaping her captors on an alternate Toobworld where Lois Lane was not yet born.  (And that is the Toobworld on which we would find the series 'Lois & Clark'.)

Taking matters into her own hands as an independent woman, she changed her name to Ellen (Or "L N", perhaps based on the initials of her first and middle name - Lois Nancy* for example?)  She then deliberately set out to meet and marry a man named Lane so that she could have a daughter whom she would name Lois.

Or did she?  "Mister Lane" wasn't seen when Lois was about to marry Lex Luthor, only Ellen Lane.  I don't know if Lois ever mentioned her father, but one pozz'bility would be that "Ellen Lane" got pregnant without bothering to marry anybody and just told her daughter that her father died before she was born.

Like I said, it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble.....

  • 'The Adventures Of Superman'
  • 'Lois & Clark'
  • "Superman" {1948}
  • "Atom Man vs. Superman"
  • "Superman vs. The Mole Men"
  • "Batman" {1966}
  • "Maverick"
  • The "Star Trek" Franchise
* In the comic books, her middle name is Joanne, but that is a different universe.  Not everything from that world would have an influence on what happens in Toobworld.


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