Monday, October 6, 2014


It's standard Toobworld practice to accept any reference to another fictional character or place as being proof that it's real and that it shares the same TV dimension as the TV character who mentioned it.  That is, just so long as no mention is made of the source material.

Since it's October, the month of Halloween, let's take Dr. Frankenstein as an example

It's easy enough to accept that at least one of the doctors in the Frankenstein family (there are several) would exist in the same dimension as TV shows like 'The Munsters', 'Struck By Lightning', and of course one of the "younger" generation (as of 1891) can currently be seen in 'Penny Dreadful'.  But to find validation in a non-horror series would be even better. 

And we have such a reference in an episode of 'Columbo'!


Carl Lessing:
Take courage, Sir. Just think how many years Dr. Frankenstein must have spent on his research.

Dr. Murch Murchison:
Yes, but he only made one little monster. He didn't live in our jungle; he didn't have to succeed.....

No mention of the movies, nor the book by Mary Shelley.  Murch and Lessing spoke of Frankenstein as a real person in their world.  For me, that's validation.....


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