Tuesday, July 22, 2014


With James Garner's death over the weekend comes the realization that we will never have any new movies or TV show appearances for either of his two most famous roles.

The Powers That Be should have done something about that while they had the chance.  (Yes, I know about the TV movies for Rockford and the big screen adaptation of 'Maverick'.  But what can I say?  I'm greedy.)


1)  'Columbo'
Martin Ross is a blogmate who has a fanfic site dedicated to stories about Lt. Columbo.  And one of his stories is about a case in which Columbo found himself working with a private eye named Jim Rockford.

I could see the two of them meeting and eventually teaming up.  Probably against one of Jimbo's clients - but the Rockfish would have found a way to hold off the Lieutenant until he got paid.......

2)  'Remington Steele'
Steele would have exasperated Rockford but Jim would have continued the forced partnership for the sake of Laura Holt.  And that could lead to Steele's suspicions that Rockford was Laura's biological father.....

3)  'Hart To Hart'
I could see Jim having worked for Jonathan Hart in the past.  And he might have recognized Jennifer Hart as the twin sister to private eye Christine Dusseau (who once worked for U.N.C.L.E. using the code name "April Dancer".)

(I could also see Rockford getting in the middle of an SID case involving Al Mundy.  Rockford would be just Rockford's luck to be the only private eye who could foil a burglary and be arrested by the government for his troubles.)

4)  'Batman'
I used to argue that Toobworld's Gotham City had to be in California since the 1966 movie had those ocean scenes.  But I now accept the claim that it's to be found in Delaware - so it would be on the Atlantic and not the Pacific.

Jim Rockford had traveled to the East Coast in the past - in one episode he found himself in New Jersey.  So he may have come to Gotham City, Delaware, in pursuit of a villain who double-crossed him for his fee.  Or maybe it was a failed attempt to clear his name before he got sent to prison for five years.

I'm thinking Colonel Gumm as the man responsible.....

Colonel Gumm was played by Roger C. Carmel

5)  'Murder, She Wrote'/'Jake And The Fatman'
We got ourselves a three-way!  Hey!  Easy, boy.....

Jessica Baines Fletcher may have lived in Cabot Cove, Maine, and Jim Rockford lived in a trailer in a parking lot along the Pacific Coast Highway.  But J.B. Fletcher traveled all over the world because of her murder mystery books so a trip to Malibu would not have been unlikely for her.  

Perhaps their paths crossed due to District Attorney Jason Lochinvar McCabe, who lived in the same area as Rockford.  (His home was just beyond the pier restaurant seen at the other end of Rockford's parking lot location.)  Maybe Jessica had been consulting with McCabe for background information for a new book and he suggested she talk with the private eye who broke that case.....

6) 'The Saint'

Simon Templar is a world traveler and I'm sure Los Angeles would eventually have been on his itinerary for one reason or another.  With Templar, adventure usually fell into his lap and he may well have just stumbled into a case that was being investigated by Rockford.  (Perhaps it could have been a return visit by Kendall Warren.  At least it would make sense that her path might cross with that of Simon Templar's, with Rockford along for the ride in Kendall's wake.....)

As usual, I am restricted by naming this category after a cartoon show.  But I do have one more suggestion to share.....

'The Prisoner'
My "Don't Laugh!" entry for this list.....

In episodes like "The House On Willis Avenue", Jim Rockford doubled-talked himself into a lot of dangerous places and found out things that he was never meant to see.  Sometimes this information was classified by the government and if somebody found out.....

Well, there are places for people who know too much.  It could  be that Jim Rockford was abducted and found himself in The Village back in 1967 where they had given him a number and taken away his name.  

Eventually, Rockford would have been released.  (I think he would have been too smart/cautious to attempt an escape.)  And that whole story about him serving time in prison could have been a cover story to mask the truth.

At any rate, I just always wanted to see Patrick McGoohan and James Garner together in something.....


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