Thursday, July 24, 2014


The original plan was to make the "My Friends In Toobworld" showcase a monthly feature this year, but... Life, y'know?

And with two big projects ahead of me before the year is out, I'm just basically setting up blog posts that catch the fancy of this old televisiologist.  (I'm pretty much ahead of the game with the annual "Who's On First" blogathon for New Year's Day.  But the death of James Garner caught me by surprise and I've decided to dedicate as much of the August postings - that being my month to salute the TV Western - to not only tip my Stetson to Bret Maverick and 'Maverick' in general, but also to do as many posts as I can about the 1994 movie's place in the TV Universe.

And here I had all the stories I needed for that month too.  Oh well, I pushed a lot of them over to 2015!

So anyhoo......

Haaaaaave... you met Cos?

Anthony Cosme is one of my co-workers, a member of the security team on the overnight shift at "That Place".

Cos isn't quite sure of the lineage for his last name.  He thinks his family tree could be either Italian or Greek at its roots.  I told him that I had no doubt that if we searched far enough back, we would find a sheepfu-herder among his ancestors.

But what about his televersion?

Earth Prime-Time is populated by more than just TV characters created specifically for that fictional dimension.  There would be a counterpart for each of you in Toobworld, with your life somehow altered to fit into the overall televised zeitgeist.

As an example, let's take my favorite subject - me!

In Toobworld, I am a certified citizen of Joyville, Ct.  (I still have my citizenship certificate!)  I visited the Ranger Station and pronounced to the world that my name was Toby Hans O'Brien.  I attended several hockey games and got to see Gerry Miller spike another player which led to him being charged with manslaughter.  And David Letterman handed a pile of vacation pictures to me and Patrick Scully during the 100th broadcast of 'The Late Show with David Letterman'.  I may also have received my nickname from an LA cop who must have been a friend of the family.  

In order, those references are to: 'The Hap Richards Show', 'The Ranger Andy Show', the TV movie "The Deadliest Season", 'The Late Show', and 'Police Story'.  It's why I inducted myself (and it felt so good!) into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame on my birthday in 2005.

But we were talking about Cos.  Do you remember Cos?  This is a post about Cos.....

There could be any number of ways in which Cos' life has been altered by being a TV character.  But in this case, I think we should focus on his ancestry.  It's not who Anthony Cosme is, it's who his great-great-grandfather was......


In 1966, DC Endeavour Morse was investigating a murder at a museum which led him to an unsolved mass murder case from one hundred years before.  

One of the suspects was a young caretaker on the Shrive Hill estate named Pickstock.  It eventually turned out that he was the bastard son of a man named Blaize-Hamilton who brought Pickstock back from his time spent in India overseeing the family tea empire.

I'm not the only one from work who saw the resemblance!

So maybe the televersion of Anthony Cosme is part Greek and part Italian.  But over there in the TV Universe he's also part Indian.....


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