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From the Bionic Wiki:
San Lorenzo is a fictional South American nation with a man who attempts to obtain fighter jets from the United States in order to forcibly seize power in San Lorenzo, in "Vulture of the Andes". 

"THE HO HO HO JOB" (mentioned)
"THE BIG BANG JOB" (Mentioned)

From the Leverage Wiki:
San Lorenzo is a small country, formerly a British colony, which became independent in 1969. Since the initial open elections, the country became more of a tyranny under President Rivera. 

We got ourselves a convoy - oops!  I mean a contradiction.....

But this isn't a Zonk; not when we can find a perfectly good splainin to make it work.  

Although it wasn't seen until decades later, the European country of San Lorenzo [in the vicinity of tele-Monaco] was in existence centures before the South American country.

San Lorenzo lies on the Meditteranean and in its heyday the country was a sea power to rival Portugal.  It sent expeditions to the New World, where it eventually established a colony that grew into the country of New San Lorenzo.  This is the country that was targeted for takeover by Byron Falco in late 1976.

By this point in their history, the country had dropped the "New" and was proclaiming itself as "San Lorenzo".  The original country, which once held sway over that region as their last South American holding, took umbrage at the usurpation of their name and took up the matter in the World Court and at the United Nations.

Eventually San Lorenzo of the New World stepped back from the confrontation and changed their name.  For many of those South American countries to be found only in Toobworld, this was par for the course.  It seems like each of them changed their name as often as they changed dictatorships.

And there were so many of them to choose from!  Here are just a few examples:
  • Costa Brava ("Bionic Woman") - capital city Despacho
  • Costa Nueva ("Simon And Simon")
  • Equarico ("Gilligan"s Island")
    [This could be the same country from which General Manuel Cortez hails from ("Gomer Pyle USMC")]
  • Nueva Tierra ("Mission: Impossible")
  • San Carlos ("The Saint") - capital city also San Carlos
  • San Cristobal ("Mission: Impossible")
  • San Cristobel ("Guiding Light")
  • San Lorenzo ("The Six Million Dollar Man")
  • San Nicasio ("Persons Unkknown")
  • San Pablo ("The Saint")
  • San Planas ("The Outer Limits")
  • San Ricas ("The Chinese Typewriter")
  • Santales ("Mission: Impossible")
  • Todos del Santos (‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.')

I'm leaning towards Todos del Santos as their new name, from 'The Man From U.NC.L.E.'  I could see the country's governing body choosing a name that covered all the saints, Lorenzo among them.  This would be like giving Old San Lorenzo a "Queen Anne's Fan" and/or a Bronx Cheer.....

And we even have precedent in the real world for this situation.

From Wikipedia:
The breakup of Yugoslavia reignited a multi-faceted dispute centered over the use of the name "Macedonia", this time between Greece and the newly independent Republic of Macedonia, formerly a federal unit of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Since 1991, it has been an ongoing issue in bilateral and international relations. Citing historical and territorial concerns resulting from the ambiguity between the Republic of Macedonia, the adjacent Greek region of Macedonia, and the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon which falls mostly within Greek Macedonia, Greece opposes the use of the name "Macedonia" by the Republic of Macedonia without a geographical qualifier, supporting a compound name such as "Northern Macedonia" for use by all and for all purposes. 

So that's my San Lorenzo story and I'm sticking with it!


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