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Earlier today, I wrote about Dr. Watson's attitude toward gossip-monger Langdale Pike, and whether or not that had to do with Pike's possible sexual inclinations.  I gave Watson the benefit of the doubt in that I thought his dislike for the man had more to do with Pike's association with the "gutter press".

However, I do think Langdale Pike of Toobworld was homosexual... not that there's anything wrong with that.  But just because a man might prefer the company of other men, that doesn't mean he didn't at one time have a relationship with a woman.

We have Sean Harrison as the current example of that situation.....

While at University, it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Langdale Pike had carnal relations with a young woman - not out of love but a need to show his fellow students that he was not a homosexual.  Of course the relationship didn't last and that young woman may have left the area because she was now carrying Pike's child.

From that offspring (I'm thinking it was a girl), several family trees were begun which led to at least two TV characters whose DNA echoed the founder of their lineage.

The first would be Jason King, a potential candidate for the Television Crossover Hall of Fame and a successful novelist who also worked for the Interpol agency known as 'Department S'.  

Because of his facial hair, you might not know it to look at him that Jason King was the identical cousin to the Honorable John Cleverly Cartney, once the leader of a notorious "gentleman's association" known as the Hellfire Club.  

When he was brought down by talented amateur Mrs. Emma Peel, it was assumed that Cartney fell to his death and drowned in the river running below the club.  But instead, he survived and was taken in by the people who ran "The Village", groomed to become their new Number Two with the mission to break 'The Prisoner' known as Number Six.

He wasn't successful, but he was able to thwart an escape by several of the prisoners.  His current whereabouts are unknown; that is, if "Number One" allowed him to survive......

But it looks like there's a good chance he did.....

Or could this be a picture of Jason King today, sitting in Number Two's chair?
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