Monday, May 12, 2014



"Wish-Craft", a term I cribbed from 'Bewitched', is Toobworld Central's version of "What If?" scenarios - things that probably could never happen in Earth Prime-Time... but should have.  

At least I wish they would.

Later tonight, Season Three of 'Death In Paradise' will be wrapping up in the greater New York area with the presentation of Episode Eight on WLIW-21.  

The first episode of this third season saw the "hand-over" of the series lead from Ben Miller to Kris Marshall - in much the same way as happened with the very first episode of the series three seasons previous.

So here's the "wish-craft" I have for the series:

What if the spirit of DCI Richard Poole remained anchored to the island of Sainte Marie and acted as a guardian angel of sorts for his replacement, DI Humphrey Goodman?

The great thing about this wish-craft is that we never had to see it actually happen; Poole could have been there anyway but invisible to the mortal eye.

The only thing is.... Richard Poole, unlike Humph, would never be caught dead wearing an Hawaiian shirt.  LIterally.....

This picture, however, is closer to the mark.  Richard is in his standard buttoned-down suit while this is basically the outfit Humphrey was wearing when he arrived on the island......


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