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A lot of good stuff to work with in the 01/30/14 episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' ("The Convention Conundrum").  Since this won't be posted for months after it aired, we can proceed with details....

Basically, the Gang of Four were locked out of getting tickets to the San Diego Comic-Con, so Sheldon decided to stage his own comic book convention.  And to do so, he needed celebrities to sit on a panel.  So he made up a list and began contacting them:

Here are the list of names he had on his wish list:

Zachary Quinto           Stan Lee
Patrick Stewart           Andy Serkis
Shatner                       Martin Freeman
Harrison Ford              Wil Wheaton
George Lucas             Ahmed Best
Mark Hamill                 Robert Downey, Jr.
Matt Smith                   Leonard Nimoy
Billy Dee Williams       Bill Nye
Simon Pegg                Carrie Fisher
Favreau                      Adam West
Ian McKellan
Anyone who played Uncle Ben
Anyone who shot Uncle Ben

As you can see on the Big Board, most of those names have a red line through them.  Sheldon was shot down even before he could tell their agents that the convention would be held at a Marie Callendar's restaurant and every panelist would get a free slice of pie!

Even his "good friend" Wil Wheaton turned him down.  He was going to be too busy shampooing his beard.

Two people on that list have been inducted into the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame as themselves - Billy Dee Williams and Stan Lee and Adam West.  Three!  Three people on that list have been inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame as themselves.

Martin Freeman had to be on the list because of his connection to 'The Hobbit', which is why Andy Serkis and Sir Ian McKellan were on the list.  Had Freeman been invited for 'Sherlock', wouldn't Benedict Cumberbatch's name be up there as well?

(So far, 'Sherlock' is located in Limbo or an alt. dimension, so it should be unknown to Toobworldlings as a TV show anyway.)

"Shatner" refers to William Shatner, of course, and "Favreau" refers to Jon Favreau.

Sheldon wanted Leonard to call four people from the list: Leonard Nimoy, Stan Lee, Bill Nye, and Carrie Fisher.  With the first three, Sheldon was legally restrained from ever calling them.  With Carrie Fisher, he was just afraid of her crazy reputation.

The other names on the list that were not yet crossed off were George Lucas, Matt Smith, Simon Pegg, and Ahemd Best.  Smart as he is, Sheldon probably realised that he should wait until at least daybreak to call Smith and Pegg, since they were in England and thus in a different time zone.

I know it's cruel, but Ahmed Best might have said yes because where else would he get invited?  ("Missa m a bombaaaaaad boy....")

I'm not going to twist myself into a pretzel trying to splain away why Matt Smith is on the list.  Sooner or later all the actors who played the Time Lord in 'Doctor Who' are mentioned, referenced, or seen in other TV shows as having played the Doctor.  (Examples: David Tennant - 'Extras', Tom Baker - 'Kingdom', Jon Pertwee - 'Supernova')  Especially with the bow ties and the fezzes, the same will happen for Smith.


As far as the "Spiderman" movies go, Cliff Robertson played Uncle Ben but has since died.  Martin Sheen could still go, however.

None of those names on the board presented insurmountable Zonks......


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