Friday, May 16, 2014


In the Toobworld timeline that existed before Nick Cutter stepped through the anomaly and changed the history of Earth Prime-Time from the prehistoric era onwards, a single woman named Eddie Gordon ran public access Channel G in New York City.  After the temporal reboot, she was now known as Roxie Brinkerhoff and was married to Michael Brinkerhoff.  And Roxie worked at WNYU, a NYC cable channel (pozz'bly, just pozz'bly, connected to New York University?)

Also at that station in the first timeline was Jack, a college student working as a director for school credit.  In the second timeline we saw him a few years later, but now known as Miles Silverberg who was working as the producer for the network news magazine 'F.Y.I.' in Washington D.C.

The only thing was... there was no change in his life brought on by the temporal reboot.  Jack was Miles and Miles was Jack.

Both characters were in the profession they loved - television.  And Miles did get his "dream" job at the age of 25, after a short stint in Public Television.  Jack was in film school in 1986, just two years before first being seen by the Trueniverse audience at 'F.Y.I.'.  This would seem to leave little room between his two appearances - let's say he was in senior year of college in 1986, wouldn't that mean he was 21, 22 tops?  And then to be 25 in 1988?  But what if he had finished college and was now just taking additional courses in television production before landing the PBS job?

There's still the matter of the names, Jack vs. Miles.

Miles Silverberg is a timid nebbish, trying to make it in the cut-throat world of TV production.  He knew he was never going to stand a chance as a "Miles".  So he used the diminutive of his middle name, perhaps.  He looks like he could be named Jacob....

On behalf of Toobworld Central, I'm calling this a conflation of the characters of Miles Silverberg and Jack.


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