Saturday, January 11, 2014


Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon of Israel has died, after spending the last eight years on life support because of a massive stroke.

In the TV Universe, Sharon was played by the following actors:

"Eretz Nehederet"
... aka "A Wonderful Country"
Played by Tal Friedman

This show would be found in Skitlandia, probably along the lines of 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' & 'Not Necessarily The News'.
DC 9/11: Time of Crisis
Played by Howard Jerome

As a stand-alone TV movie, this would go into one of the alternate TV  dimensions.

Played by Ben Slack

Another TV movie that would be relegated to an alternate TV dimension, but not the same one where the movie listed above would be located.

Played by Tuvia Tzafir

This is very similar to 'Spitting Image', so the Puppet People could be in the main Toobworld, but probably on the island of Yazoo, where the various puppet kingdoms can be found.

"Rak Beyisrael"
... aka "Only In Israel"
Played by Eli Yatzpan

This is the version for Earth Prime-Time; it's a sitcom about a TV-Holic news broadcast producer and his staff.  Sharon was one of the real world televersions covered by their show within the show.  I'd liken it to 'Murphy Brown' & 'Lateline'.

Good night and may God bless......

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