Sunday, January 5, 2014


'CBS Sunday Morning' did their own version of an In Memoriam tribute on the morning of December 29, the last Sunday of 2013.

Many of their attempts to make the transition from one remembrance to the next were a bit lame.  For example:

"[Hans Riegel] left the world a little sweeter.

Annette Funicello was irresistibly sweet as a Mousketeer..."

But the very best lead-in to the next subject was from Jean Stapleton to Deanna Durbin....

They ended the tribute to Ms. Stapleton with this clip:

Father Majeski: "Did you ever wish you were somebody else?"
Edith: "No, but when I was a little girl, I used to pretend to be somebody else."
Father Majeski: "Oh, who?"
Edith: "Deanna Durbin!"

And that cut away to their next topic:

"Deanna Durbin was the girl many little girls dreamed of being in the 1930s . . . smart and spunky, with a voice like an angel."

I tip my hat to the show's research team for remembering and finding that clip!


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