Monday, August 26, 2013


'Primeval: New World'

When a pair of Lycaenops were on the hunt through a college campus, a student who lived in the Radcliffe House dormitory was stalked and nearly killed by one of the beasties.

TV trivia nut that I am, I wondered just who that dormitory was named after.  So I looked for any viable candidates in Google and found the following:

Except for the fact that he's still alive and not really one to have done anything too memorable while in office, he looks good on paper just for being from Manitoba.  Which is more than can be said for the pozz'ble candidates for the naming of Radcliffe's arch-rival Marshall House:

All of them are long dead, usually a prerequisite to get a building named after one's self.  But they were all from the Eastern seaboard of Canada, whereas the university was somewhere in the general vicinity of Vancouver, but definitely out West.

Maybe I have a few Canadian visitors to the blog who might have a better idea for whom the dormitory was named.....?


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