Wednesday, May 8, 2013


'Daniel Boone'
"The Printing Press"

Captain Thurlow was a British officer stationed in Philadelphia, in command of a regiment on the eve of the American Revolution.

Thurlow had a family back in England, but that didn't stop him from acquiring a mistress in the Colonies, by whom he had at least one child.

Generations passed until both bloodlines produced boys who shared the same DNA sequence.  And although they were by now only distantly related, they were basically "Identical Cousins".

And both of them seemed to follow the same life pat - up to a point.

Paul Slippery was 'Fortysomething' doctor in the London suburb of Putney with a beautiful wife and three sons.  His American cousin, Gregory 'House, M.D.', was a brilliant diagnostician in Princeton, New Jersey.  

Peter suffered through the mundane madness of a mid-life crisis, but House endured an injury to his leg that crippled him somewhat (although it may have been mostly in his mind) and which left him addicted to Vicodin and other pain-killers.

This theory of relateeveety, as well as the speculations about Thurlow's private life is all conjecture on the part of Yours Truly.  It's just that there were several moments in the 'Daniel Boone' episode when Peter (Captain Thurlow) Bromilow's facial expressions reminded me of Hugh Laurie.  And since I always wanted to make a familial link between Hugh Laurie's two TV doctors, I thought Thurlow made for a good base root to that family tree.

Is that a Hugh Laurie squint, or what?


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