Thursday, May 9, 2013


"The true pirates of the Caribbean were feared by all, and the most terrifying of them all was Francois Le Clerc.

Le Clerc had a black heart.  It was said by those who knew him that he needed no more reason to kill a man than a change in his mood.

His ship bore Le Clerc's flag.  It struck terror into the hearts of all who saw it.

Now, in the summer of 1563, heading home from the Azores, Le Clerc and his crew came across the Spanish galleon San Cristobal.  But they soon found themselves fighting not ordinary merchant seamen but the personal guard of King Phillip II of Spain.

Though he finally won the day and found a huge shipment of gold, Le Clerc took heavy losses and was himself badly wounded.  He was forced to take refuge here, in Sainte-Marie.

However, neither the treasure nor LeClerc was ever seen again.  Some people believe the treasure is still buried here, somewhere on the island.

The treasure is be cursed.  Cursed by Le Clerc himself.

It is said that whoever disturbs the treasure that bears his blood will then join him... in hell."

History records the exploits of a real pirate named Francois LeClerc, but he also has a fictional televersion who can link several TV shows together through theories of "relateeveety".

The island of Sainte Marie has legends of the dread pirate Francois LeClerc which help feed the local economy with sales of souvenirs to tourists.  Legend has it that LeClerc buried his treasure somewhere on the island.  

Not much is known of LeClerc's family tree, but these TV characters can probably trace their lineage back to the buccaneer:
  • Roger & Ernest LeClerc ('Allo, Allo')
  • Joel LeClerc ('Plus Belle La Vie')
  • Martine LeClerc ('M*A*S*H')
(with Major Charles Emerson Winchester)

And each of them probably had family ties between themselves closer than just having a pirate as their great+ grandfather a few hundred years back.


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