Monday, May 6, 2013


I have no delusions - I know I won't see much of the coming Future and the Toobworld Dynamic will probably fade away with me.  (Of course, there are plenty of alternatives out there and one day I'll provide the links to many of them for you to check out.)
But even though I won't be there to play the Caretaker for TV's timeline, I know that it's pretty much set in stone even several hundred years into the Future - thanks to shows like 'Babylon 5' and the 'Star Trek' franchise.
So along comes Syfy's new show 'Defiance' and it's O'Bvious that it has to be relegated to an alternate TV dimension even though it takes place about fifty years in our future.  The Votan fleet of sleeper ships was mysteriously destroyed and terraforming technology was unleashed in an uncontrolled manner on the Earth's surface, totally destroying the balance of Nature as we know it.  New creatures will be spawned in wild hybrid combinations, and established landmarks like the Missouri arch in St. Louis will be severly damaged if not outright destroyed.
It will no longer be the Earth that will be found when Starfleet establishes its headquarters in San Francisco (the setting for the online game connected to 'Defiance'.)
If the major Votan races arrived on Earth and learned to co-habitate with the native humans, perhaps it might have been absorbed into the world of Earth Prime-Time.  The main Toobworld was able handle the 300,000 Tenctonese in the 1990s (as seen in the TV version of 'Alien Nation'), but then that's because we can now hypothesize that most of the "Newcomers" have since left Earth for a new world of their own.  (I think a certain Time Lord had a hand in that.....)
I believe that in the world of Earth Prime-Time, the seven Votan races do exist, but that there was no reason for them to seek out a new life on Earth.  Either their star system survived, or the refugees found a new home elsewhere in the galaxy.  (Again, there's a Gallifreyan out there who could probably take credit for that.) 
Another possibility tied to the Time Lord - the Votan star system was trapped in the locked Time War zone.
At any rate, no matter how enjoyable 'Defiance' proves to be, it's still not Toobworld per se.  Personally, I'd like to see its transformation of the world write "Finis" to the '24' dimension......

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