Monday, March 18, 2013


"The Man Who Was Lucky"

In December of 1962, Simon Templar walked into the office of a gangster named Lucky Joe Luckner and found Lucky slapping around Jane, a hostess in his nightclub. The Saint gave Lucky a few quick jabs and sent him flying over his desk.

Her eyes wide with amazement (and probably desire), Jane exclaimed "Ooh! Just like Superman!"

The Man of Steel was still active in Toobworld, even though 'The Adventures of Superman' had been off the air since 1958 and the actor who played the role had been dead for almost three years.

It's been established by Toobworld Central that Superman died sometime after mid-1964 when he was exposed to Kryptonian radiation during an atomic bomb test in Nevada. Superman was there rescuing two low-level gangsters named Ray Luca and Pauli Taglia from the blast. (It's the only "logical" splainin as to how they survived to show up in the next season.)

But as we can see from Jane's reaction, Superman was considered to be still alive and active by the people of the world near the end of 1962, so there's no Zonk to the timeline.


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